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About me

I’m Stacy and I live in Berkshire (almost in the countryside) with little daughter, Lillian (AKA Lillipops), a Chocolate Cocker Spaniel, 2 cats and a hamster.

My dad once said to me, while having a usual daddy-daughter kind of conversation: “My baby, anything is achievable!  If you can dream it, then you can achieve all that you set your mind to do!”  That conversation has resonated throughout my entire life.  So for my dad in heaven, I’m replying years down the line… “Dad, your baby girl is dreaming big and aiming for the stars and shining bright!  I love you!”

gifts with a loving touch

Welcome to My Unique Family where you can find beautiful gifts born from love.

Since a little girl I have enjoyed arts and hobbies centred around creating with colour and texture, but it wasn’t until my dad passed away that I really found my passion and creativity.  In my deepest grief and sorrow I needed to create something beautiful to help me through that sad time.  I started with the Remembrance Baubles in Christmas 2016 and from there all new ideas started springing to life.